Our Story - From our Hometown in the South of France to Sydney ♥️

Our Story - From our Hometown in the South of France to Sydney ♥️

Our Collections inspiration

To give you a glimpse into our creative journey, we've curated an exclusive inspiration moodboard. Each image represents a piece of the puzzle that has inspired us to select the right pieces that will be part of our first Collection. 

Each of the pieces are designed in Paris with some addition made in Italy to capture the true essence of Mediterranean effortless femininity.

Why Maison Torrini ? Our Journey to Authenticity
Maison Torrini didn't come to life overnight; it was the result of years of contemplation, dreams, and careful decision-making. As the Creative Director of my own boutique, I embrace the privilege of infusing creativity into unique collections, guided by inspirations that shape my vision.

Although I have thrived in the luxury spa industry for a decade, my initial work experience in a women's clothing store ignited a deep longing to own a boutique. I envision a place where I can invite customers into my world, creating a unique shopping experience that brings joy to women around the globe every single morning.

The pandemic was a wake-up call, that with unwavering support from my lifelong partner lead me to transition into a Certified Personal and Editorial Stylist specializing in Color Analysis. Immersed in the vibrant Australian fashion scene, I gained invaluable insights and experience by participating in prestigious events and collaborating with renowned publications and campaigns. Styling numerous women in retail spaces allowed me to refine my styling expertise.


Drawing inspiration from my personal background and deep-rooted influences, Maison Torrini embodies my core values. With a French heritage and a special appreciation for my Maison du Sud in Sète, as well as the rich legacy of my Italian roots from Piemont.


With a dedication to tradition and authenticity, I source directly from the heart of Paris and curate labels from Mediterranean fashion cities. This approach allows me to capture the essence of French fashion culture while infusing it with a distinct Mediterranean aesthetic.

Today, the culmination of these diverse pieces has given rise to a brand that resonates with my values and serves as a testament to my cultural heritage. 

My goal is to nurture femininity and a carefree spirit in "La Femme Torrini," empowering her to embrace her true essence and awaken a semblance of strength and ease within herself.


"This Maison Torrini Story is Our Story.

Thank you for embarking on this incredible journey with me and being a constant source of inspiration." Together, we will co-write this extraordinary story 🌸

Merci & à très vite! 

Avec amour 🩷 Sophie x

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